When you or a family member needs mental health, developmental disabilities, or substance abuse services, you are encouraged to call us or visit our office. Community Based Developmental Services provides access to services 24/7. This is done through experienced and professional staff. You can ask about obtaining ongoing services, emergency mental health, developmental disabilities, or substance abuse services. Our courteous staff is available by phone or by visiting the office located at 3274 Rosehill Rd. Fayetteville NC, 28301.


This is an individualized service that enables the waiver beneficiary to live successfully in his/her own home, the home of his/her family or natural supports and be an active member of his/her community. A paraprofessional assists the person to learn new skills and/or supports the person in activities that are individualized and aligned with the person’s preferences. The intended outcome of the service is to increase or maintain the person’s life skills or provide the supervision needed to empower the person to live in the home of his/her family or naturalsupports, maximize his or her self-sufficiency, increase self- determination and enhance the
person’s opportunity to have full membership in his/her community.

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