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Open, Transparent Operations

Community-Based Developmental Services operates in an open and transparent manner in accordance with applicable legal requirements and uses assets exclusively and effectively to serve the purpose for which it has been created.

The public has access to clear, timely, accurate information about Community-Based Developmental Services programs, activities, service recipients, and finances. Consumers of services, donors, volunteers, and public officials are among those for whom access to information should be assured. The federal Form 990 filing, a vehicle to convey full descriptions of activities undertaken, is used increasingly as a source of information for consumers.

Community-Based Developmental Services accurately portrays its mission in all communications that contain such a representation.

Community-Based Developmental Services (not-for-profit organization) take only those actions that are in the organizations and the board of directors’ best interests.

Community-Based Developmental Services eliminates internal and external barriers to achieving ethical practice throughout the organization, including unawareness of expectations and current information.


When Community-Based Developmental Services raises funds by individual solicitation from the general public, the organization conducts fundraising activities in an ethical, fiscally responsible manner.

Community-Based Developmental Services’ administrative staff and board of directors will oversee fundraising activities and establish written agreements with outside contractors or consultants.

Community-Based Developmental Services accurately describes the purpose for which solicitations are being made, spends funds for the purposes they were solicited, with the exception of reasonable costs for administration of the fundraising program, and maintains accounting segregation for restricted funds.

Costs and benefits of each fundraising activity are analyzed, taking into account factors that affect the reasonableness of fundraising costs in comparison to dollars raised.

Upon request of a donor or funding source, Community-Based Developmental Services discloses descriptive and financial information for revenue-generating activities including fee-for-service programs, for-profit subsidiaries, and related or unrelated business ventures.                           

Community-Based Developmental Services raises funds in accordance with applicable local, state, and federal requirements and registers all fundraising activities with the appropriate administrative authorities.

Protection of Reporters of Suspected Misconduct

Community-Based Developmental Services prohibits employment-related retaliation against employees, and others affiliated with the organization, which come forward with information about suspected misconduct or questionable practices, and provide an appropriate, confidential channel for reporting such information.

Communicating the Code of Ethics

 All new employees, including management staff, must attend orientation where they will receive a copy of the Code of Ethics and are directed to read and familiarize themselves with Community-Based Developmental Services, Inc.’s Personnel Policies.

Upon intake and enrollment into programs, new clients of services at Community-Based Developmental Services, Inc. must be informed of the organization’s Code of Ethics.

Professional Conduct

Community-Based Developmental Service conducts business and delivers services in an honest, ethical, objective manner and is guided in making decisions by professional responsibility.

Community-Based Developmental Services personnel know and follow the code of ethics of their respective professions.

Community-Based Developmental Services prohibits:

·        making or accepting payment or other consideration in exchange for referrals;

·        steering, directing referrals to, or giving preference to clients easier or less costly to serve for the organization and practitioners within the organization; and

·        steering or directing referrals to private practices in which personnel, consultants, or the immediate families of personnel and consultants are engaged.

Community-Based Developmental Services prohibits preferential treatment of organization members, community partners, members of the organization's governing body, advisory boards, personnel, or consultants applying for and receiving the organization’s services.

Community-Based Developmental Services requires practitioners with a private practice on our premises to provide their clients with a written statement that clarifies the relationship between the private practitioner and Community-Based Developmental Services.

Research Protections

If Community-Based Developmental Services participates in or permits research involving service recipients, we establish the right of individuals to refuse to participate without penalty and guarantees participants’ confidentiality.

The identity and privacy of participants is safeguarded in all phases of research conducted by, or with the cooperation of, the organization.

Community-Based Developmental Services has a mechanism to review research proposals involving service recipients. The mechanism involves an internal review board, which reports to the Board of Directors.

Research participants, or a parent or legal guardian, sign a consent form that includes:

·        a statement that he or she voluntarily agrees to participate;

·        a statement that the organization will continue to provide services whether he or she agrees to participate;

·        an explanation of the nature and purpose of the research;

·        a clear description of possible risks or discomfort; and

·        a guarantee of confidentiality.

Investigations into Breaches of the Code of Ethics    

When a breach of the Code of Ethics warrants such an investigation, Community-Based Developmental Services, Inc. conducts timely and confidential investigations.

The appropriate management personnel, in coordination with the Executive Director, will conduct all investigations.


Appropriate corrective disciplinary action is conducted in accordance with Community-Based Developmental Services, Inc.’s Disciplinary Action policy.

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