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We are always looking for talented individuals that are passionate about the individuals we serve. We welcome you to apply below!


The Focus of Our Efforts

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The Primary function of this position is being a part of the SAOP team with CCS, CCAS, CSAC, or LCAS.  The QP will assist in the delivering of services both individually and in group setting.


The Primary function of this position is to clinically supervise SAOP program.  The LCAS is required to physically be on-site and providing clinical and program supervision a minimum of 50% of the hours of program operation.  The LCAS will develop an individualized supervision plan for the QP, AP, and paraprofessional staff and provide on-going supervision for QP, AP, and paraprofessional staff.  The supervision plans are to be individualized, appropriate for the level of education and experience of staff. The LCAS staff will provide and designate the staff member’s first-responder duties for our (SAIOP) consumers on a face to face basis and also telephonically at all times (24/7/365), with the capacity for face to face emergency response within 2 hours. The LCAS will notify CBDS administrative staff to include the SAOP program on the company on call message (after hours) with instruction as to who to contact for SAOP specific needs.

Support group
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The person in this position may provide psycho-educational interventions, personal care, home supports services, long term vocational supports and/or respite to client families. Activities may include social skills training, management and monitoring of behavioral point systems, behavioral contracting, conflict resolution and skill training, anticipatory guidance, life space interviewing, job maintenance assistance and training or assistance in activities of daily living. When providing respite, activities may also include recreational outings and monitoring the client to ensure safety and provide opportunities for recreational outlets. This employee implements these activities as outlined in the client/family treatment plan and/or person centered plan prepared by the area program primary therapist or case manager. All activities are documented through daily progress notes.

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